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Very cool game! I am delighted with what I saw! I learned how to describe emojis thanks to your game.

Thanks for the feedback, we're glad you liked the game :)

Fun game! I like the concept and graphics, it put my emoji reading skills to the test. I might have ran into a glitch when achieving 4 Thumbs Up.

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Thank you so much for playing and making a video for it, omg! We could put so many heart emojis here, but you're probably all emoji'd out by now.

There seems indeed to be a glitch for the scores, we have a couple of ideas what it might be. Btw, awesome getting four thumbsup! Even our devs couldn't get that high in some testing, lol.

But we loved your commentary throughout the game! Even though you seemed very confused about their emojis at times, you did in fact very well grasp the jist of their problems.

Right now we're burned out from the GGJ, but that glitch is an easy fix. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!