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Im having lag issues and battery didn't last long at all also on my phone the flash light runs out within 10 seconds of nonstop use my phone is a Motorola g7 or something it's a motog7 it main purpose is for taking it was specifically build and designed for taking

Hi, thanks for your feedback. We are not quite sure what you mean by the lag problems, so could you elaborate more?

There's too much words in my head.  

People are joking about anxiety and some of them are saying "it doesn't exist". This game  describes it perfectly. 

 Beautiful graphics and this diary was pretty good.


Thanks for your heartfelt feedback!  We're so happy to hear that our game resonated with you ^_^ The full game has a lot more to the story and it should be out this month, so we hope you'll give it a shot as well.

ofc i will. You're doing awesome job!

Very dark game with a nice gameplay and beautiful graphics ! I think that the battery goes out too fast ( for me ) and sometimes the game lag a little bit on my phone ! Amazing job ! I look forward to see how the game will evolve ^_^


Thanks for the comment, It is good hear hear you liked the game! We have already made some optimization based on the feedback, but may I ask which phone are you using and what kind of lag is happening as it helps us with troubleshooting :)

My phone is a Cubot Note Plus, and for the lags, the flashlight control react slowly and the ghosts/shadows animations aren't very fluid ;-)

We'll see what we can do while still using sprite animations :)

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We would love you guys to download the game, get involved with #anxietyofalina and tell us what you think! All #feedback – whether good or bad – will be appreciated. 😘⠀